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Traditions of the Rabbis from the Era of the New Testament

I just discovered a jewel of a book today on Rabbinic writings as background to the New Testament:

Traditions Of The Rabbis From The Era Of The New Testament: Prayer And Agriculture (Vol. 1 of 6).

It looks like the first volume in a new series that will eventually cover each of the 6 traditional topical divisions of Rabbinic literature:

Vol. 1 - Prayer & Agriculture (Zeraim)
Vol. 2 - Feasts & Sabbaths (Moed)
Vol. 3 - Women & Marriage (Nashim)
Vol. 4 - Crime & Punishment (Nezikin)
Vol. 5 - Offerings & Temple (Kodashim)
Vol. 6 - Clean & Unclean (Torahot)

The series will apparently deal with difficult dating issues (with degrees of certainty), meaning and significance for Second Temple Judaism, and significance for New Testament parallels.

If you want to give it a test read, Tyndale House has generously provided an online preview of what looks to be the entire book. It looks to be a wonderfully informative new series! Enjoy!