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Another Online Greek New Testament

I have frequented the Wesley Center Online in the past for its good collection of Non-Canonical Literature, but it had been a while since I looked to see what else was available on their website.

It turns out that they have a nice Greek New Testament, which I had not noticed before. Books of the NT can be chosen from a sidebar. The text can be viewed either in Greek font or in ASCII "Greekcode". Options allow the user to view or hide verse numbers, parsing codes, and Strong's numbers. Clicking on a parsing code or Strong's number brings up information in another frame.

It is a clean interface, and I like it. However, the buttons did not seem to function in Netscape or Firefox (for me at least), only in Internet Explorer.

Regardless, here is yet another online Greek New Testament worth adding to my list.


Blogger David Baird said...

It also seems that all the ususal browsers for the Macintosh OSX will not work here as well.

8:34 AM  

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