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Greetings to Rick Brannan of ricoblog and Eric Sowell of The Coding Humanist. Rick and Eric both noted my occupation and interests as being similar to their own.

Rick said:
...his profile says he's a programmer who's into Greek stuff. I sense synergy. Too bad he's in Plano, or maybe he, Zack Hubert and I could get together for coffee somewhere and really "geek out".

Sounds fun to "geek out" over coffee somewhere. It's the oddest thing...I find that most times people will just glaze over if one tries to talk about Greek, Hebrew, or textual criticism. They just don't know what they're missing.

Eric said:
...a new blog called Biblaridion, which is run by someone who is interested in the field of biblical studies and is also a software engineer. Cool. So far I've seen two on textual criticism. Is that his focus? I, of course, have no clue.

I am probably most interested in textual criticism and palaeography, both Greek and Hebrew, so I suppose these topics will figure prominently in my blog. In fact, the next few posts that I am comtemplating will probably also have to do with ancient manuscripts. However, I do hope to post on other topics as well.

Thanks for the mentions!


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